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Revolution Will Be Feminist Or It Won’t Be

June 2, 2011

Via feministes indignades a plaça Catalunya  This is a world I could live in, unlike the one we have now which large number of us just survive in:

ENGLISH – Manifesto (last version, 20 May 2011)

This afternoon, feminists who participated in the feminist alternatives workshop have reflected and written the following public declaration:

“Feministes indignades” (indignant feminists) at Plaça Cataluya (acampadabcn), May 20th, 2011

We are here because:

* we want a society centred into people and not marketplaces. This is why we vindicate: free public and basic services like education, health, and childhood and special needs care in opposition to social budget cuts, and the new employment and pension reforms.

* we want the whole people commitment to build a society where no male violence will take place in any of its forms: in economy, aesthetics, employment, institutions, religions or in its physical or psychological forms, as well as in its sexual or work exploitation forms…

* we want to freely decide about our own body, enjoy and relate with it and whoever we want.

* we want to freely decide about free abortion and sexual and affective education.

* we want a diverse society to be respectful with any form of living sex and sexuality (lesbian, gay, intersex, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, …) and we want the right to sexuality at any stage of life to be recognized. We demand the dis-patologisation of trans identities.

* we demand that the state and the ecclesiastical state don’t interfere in our lives.

* to incorporate a feminist perspective is essential for a change in an economic and social model thought and done to serve people and the planet; it is also essential in public services, in the making of another city and land gestion model, and in environmental and food policies.

* it is also essential that woman become main agents in the social, politics and economy transformation processes and the decisions taken for it. It is also essential for the design, review and execution of the resultant policies.

* for a real society change decisions should be agreed upon consensus and women have to participate decisively in them.

* subjects that affect women affect society and we want them to be in the very heart of the political, economical and social agenda.

* we demand that housemaids and every kind of domestic worker to be included in the Social Security general regime and the right to negotiate as a collective. We demand domestic work to be counted as a part of the country wealth.

* we demand the recognition of the person, house, and life care jobs and their complete socialisation: we also demand the right to choose freely if we want to care or not, the right to be looked after in adequate conditions and the right to care for oneself. Summarizing, the right to citizenship.

* we demand the distribution of wealth and jobs. Work less to make all people work. Quality working and professional conditions. Equal distribution of productive and reproductive work, equal recognition and compensation for work between men and women. And we want wealth at the service of popular classes.

* we demand recognition of the sexual workers’ rights.

* we demand the citizenship recognition for people without legal conditions or norms, the elimination of Foreigners Law and the Stranger Internment Centers.

* we demand the use of a language that denominates all people free of homophobia, male discrimination, classism or racism.

* we vindicate to be praised and recognized women knowledge and wiseness and their main function as culture transmitters.

* we want a co-educative education.

* we want a society where any kind of family and/or living group can take place.

* we dismiss heteroregulation and obligatory femininity.

* we are against war, we reject the use of women bodies as a weapon or loot of war and we don’t believe any military intervention will lead to or warrant peace. No society militarization, no gun trade or production. We encourage to fiscal objection.

* we vindicate abroad feminist solidarity as a way to change the world. Teased feminists are everywhere, we join to their vindications and we give them all our support.



We express our support to our feminist partners in Madrid, in presence of the aggression they suffered last night.

(I corrected a few spellings, typos, and translation errors)

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