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TEDx Karachi

June 1, 2011

Mukhtar Mai

TEDx Karachi (an independently organised TED event) this year was titled “Making the Impossible Possible” and featured Mukhtar Mai alongside others. Mai has certainly made the impossible happen!

There was also a presentation of submissions for the interesting Inside Out project using the theme Stand Up Against The Persecution of Minorities

Videos aren’t available until next week so I’ll just post the summary of Muhammad Aly Balagamwala’s impressions of the day for now and update later:

The take-home message

1. We need to focus on education – Fasi Zaka, Mukhtar Mai
2. Lack of resources should not be an excuse to do something you believe in – Raja Sabri Khan, Imran Khan
3. Mind can triumph over body – Imran Khan, Sarmad Tariq
4. Pain, if channeled in a positive direction, can achieve great things – Dr Quratulain Bakhtiari, Sarmad Tariq, Mukhtar Mai
5. Don’t blame life, or anyone else. You may be down but success is about getting up that one last time. – Sarmad Tariq
6. Bulleh Shah was a Commie (oops sorry, a revolutionary) – Noori

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