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A Week in Links #13

January 15, 2011

Sue Townsend meets the Guardian book club.  Wonderful stuff.

Interview with Timothy Leary (1995)

Should parents worry if sons like to dress as girls? Or perhaps we could stop gendering pieces of material.  I know, never gonna happen!

The 1997 letter: Vatican message sent to Irish church  A copy of the letter – no surprises, but disgusting nonetheless.

More about the 1997 letter from the Huffington Post.

The Ad Hominem Fallacy Fallacy I win!

Obituary for Maharaj Kumari Binodini Devi who led quite an amazing life.

Impoverished Indian families caught in deadly spiral of microfinance debt   Disgusting.

Collected position papers of women in Egypt, Tunisia (and the uprising countries to follow) from Nasawiya

“Women and Peacebuilding in the Middle East” series

Between Worlds: Jilbab and Transgender in Indonesia

Beautiful music:

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