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A Week in Links #5

August 21, 2010
  • Same Difference has blogged an appeal from Southall Black Sisters for donations to cover the medical expenses of two young women, Samar and Juwariya Atique, who were attacked with acid in India.  Please give what you can.
  • Swapna Majumdar writes about the wonderful programme in India who are educating the children of sex workers, who are very vulnerable.  These children are often subjected to the same social stigma as their parent(s) and consequently denied access to mainstream education.  More about Children in Need, India (CINI) here.
  • Persian2English reports that Farah Vazehan has been sentenced to death for taking part in the Ashura protests.  Dozens of executions have been carried out by the Iranian authorities in recent weeks.
  • The numpties in Government are considering withdrawing welfare benefits from addicts.  I can only assume the numpties prefer that people live from the proceeds of crime than welfare.
  • Decca Aitkenhead, who is not a psychologist but an author of a book about being a druggie, interviewed Katie Price.  In her snide write-up the not-Mitford Decca decides that Price dissociates from ‘her physical self’ Seriously, not-doc not-Mitford Decca?  Note the class bit of snide at the end of the piece where a three old child who plays with make up is linked to ‘sexualisation’ of children.  I wonder what the not-Mitford would say if a child of a police officer wore a police hat?  Because it’s the same bloody thing!
  • Margot Wallström reports that the USA have finally legislated to ensure ‘ that any company doing business that involves minerals must disclose annually whether conflict materials originating in the DRC or an adjoining country were used in the process‘.  This is good news and Europe really has to step up and enact similar legislation.  More from V-Day who have been documenting the long journey this law has taken to implement, and why it is needed.
  • Sophie Moura interviews Katie Baratz, a wonderful woman with who was born with AIS.
  • Iran Solidarity: ‘How to plan an action day to save Sakineh’s life on August 28 – 100 cities against stoning.’
  • Jesse McKinley reports that following Judge Walker’s ruling that California’s Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, the stay on same-sex marriage will continue following a ruling by a panel of the Ninth Circuit.  This is now heading to a full appeals hearing and no doubt onto to the Supreme Court.  What a waste of money.  Inequality is unconstitutional.
  • RickB gives us his version of the ACPO terriosm bollocks ad made for radio.  ACPO really aren’t fit for purpose.
  • Pressure is building on the Attorney General to open a new inquest into the strange death of Doctor David Kelly.  The original inquest was stopped when The Hutton Whitewash was established.  More detail from The Daily Mail.
  • Amnesty International condemn the sham ‘trial’ of Omar Khadr, a child soldier who has been a hostage in Gitmo since 2002.  More from Andrea Prasow on ‘The Man Gitmo Raised‘.
  • Sunny Hundal sets out the neo-con campaign for war on Iran.  As does RickB.  Taking her lead from the manipulation of Afghan women for war aims, Laurie Penny writes an excellent piece discussing how  ‘Iranian women are being co-opted into a Nato narrative pointing towards invasion’.
  • Rose Marie Murao lays out a ‘”feminine” win-win economy based on the concept of collaboration’.
  • The disgusting scrote, Frank Field, lays out his vision for the future of the poor, and it is mainly Victorian.  Seems he isn’t aware of Charles Dickens.  Or Jonathan Swift.  Btw Frank, one of the poorest parents I have ever met was a GP who at a Christmas party was laughing about how her baby went blue because she left the window open at night.  Not surprisingly about a month later the baby was rushed to hospital with a massive asthma attack.  But I bet she wouldn’t meet your definition of a ‘toe-rag parent’ would she?

And now for a bit of beauty, Joni Mitchell’s California, recorded in 1970.

Greenpeace Canada have released a CD of Amchitka, the 1970 concert that launched Greenpeace’ featuring Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Phil Ochs.

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  1. August 21, 2010 14:56

    There will be a sequel Iran post (blog willing) as things have moved on a bit, this last frenzy of war pimping has not had the neocons desired effect. However as you point out the human rights situation in Iran is dire but in the breathing space of no attack imminent (probably) and other talks perhaps going on and proposed this might provide some relief on the situation.

  2. August 21, 2010 23:40

    Iran is a real dilemma. The regime commits horrible atrocities, but war would lead to far more suffering and dying than the regime is responsible for. The left needs to push even more for an alternative involving ways of opposing and resisting what the fundamentalist government is doing while opposing the carnage of a foreign invastion.

  3. JerryT permalink
    August 23, 2010 07:13

    I noticed that you didn’t put Harpymarx down on your links. I followed the ‘leader’ discussion and I think you were spot on. Some people wont accept anyone apart from themselves!

    I’ve been interested in sites that propound commune style living: do you know anything about them?

    • August 23, 2010 19:00

      I’m sorry JerryT, I don’t. Try permaculture type sites maybe?

      HarpyMarx is on my blogroll, but hasn’t made it into any of my Week in Links yet. I am not that impressed with any of the candidates tbh, but EdM does stand the best chance of beating the war criminal David Miliband. And I think that EdM is open to listening to others which some of the others in the contest are most definitely not.

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