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A Week in Links #3

August 9, 2010
  • An oldie from Tom Hodgkinson but timeless advice in ‘Idle parenting means happy children’. (via my wonderful and lovely friend beckicklesie)
  • Ann Jones, who normally writes about the women of Afghanistan and other war zones, instead embeds herself with the troops resulting in refreshingly honest ‘Snapshots from the American War in Afghanistan’.
  • Hortense writes about how Facebook can’t cope with women’s sexuality but has no problems hosting misogyny.
  • Philippa Willitts outlines some calls for submissions from Good Vibrations Magazine, Dear Sister Anthology and Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image.
  • Zoe points out an apparent failing in the Equality Act 2010 which comes into force in October.
  • Jess McCabe on Theresa May’s paper exercise in equality, and the reality which cancels a trial scheme designed to reduce the threat of violence to domestic partners.  More on the latter from Rumbold and Unity.
  • Anthony Voz’s wonderful history of the lava lamp.
  • Don Paksini explores an alternative to the housing crisis.  But of course housing is integral to neo-liberal economics so don’t expect anything like this to ever be made policy.
  • Riazat Butt reports that ‘UK group Catholic Women’s Ordination (CWO), will see buses carrying the slogan “Pope Benedict Ordain Women Now”.  More protests planned during the Pope’s visit in September can be found on Protest The Pope.
  • CRIN brings us a much nicer trend as ”Two countries – and one continent – have joined the ranks of those where children are legally protected from all forms of corporal punishment, as Tunisia and Poland have achieved law reform.’
  • The Feminist eZine, 1001 Feminist Links and Other Interesting Topics’ looks like an excellent resource.  I haven’t looked through many of the sections, but particularly like the Feminist Art section.
  • Imani Henry on ‘LGBTQ migrant workers, Lady Gaga & Arizona boycott’.  Gordon Coombes has posted a collection of videos containing pertinent comment about Arizona’s racist Immigration Law SB 1070.  Only parts of this law have come into effect following a judicial judgement put a temporary block on the most offensive parts of the law.
  • Bird of Paradox has moved to a new site so update your blogroll.
  • A new blog comes to us from the lovely Andrew Madden here.
  • Two weeks ago I linked to a piece showing how prostitutes were being paraded in the street by the police as part of a crackdown in preparation for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. And what do you know, it’s happening again, London stylee.  As part of a crackdown in preparation for the Olympics, the Metropolitan Police have published the details of women they suspect of prostitution on their website (although I couldn’t find them when looking on Friday), and passed all the details to tabloid newspapers who obviously printed them straightaway.

And now for a bit of beauty, Stephanie Mckay’s Say What You Feel.

Stephanie Mckay’s MySpace page.

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