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A week in links #2

August 1, 2010
  • Lt. Col. Barry Wingard asks for transparency and a return to the international rule of law in the ‘War on Terror’, which in its current form feeds terrorism and has created distinct racist lines in populations.
  • woodturtle discusses Ramadan, fasting and breast-feeding.  Check out the rest of the blog too as it’s great.
  • Melissa Ditmore on ‘the ramifications of PEPFAR’s [The United States President’s Emergency Plan For Aids Relief’  anti-prostitution policy on sex workers’. See PEPFAR’s website here.
  • bluemilk sets out the sexism of an ‘expert’ of attachment parenting.  Anyone who is tempted to try this shit really should have multiples or be a single parent or both.

  • The British Library ‘is embarking on a mass observation exercise to create a significant body of audio data for environment researchers.‘ starting with contributions from Sheffield available here, then from the whole UK in due course.  It’s an interesting project and has had me noticing the soundtrack of my daily life this week.
  • HelenG writes about the risks from cis people that trans people face every day and asks us to learn from the parents of Josie Romero, who is accepted for exactly who she is.
  • The BBC reports that legal action has been launched against UK companies for their part in trading conflict minerals from DR Congo.  Related is this horrible piece of propaganda from CIF, nicely taken down by the commenters.
  • The BBC reports on the (sort of) climb-down by the ConDems on granting anonymity to those charged with rape.  It’s a hollow victory following months of publicity pushing the lie that victims of rape are liars.
  • RickB posted Joe Glenton’s speech ‘on his release from prison, following his refusal to fight in Afghanistan’.  Also see Siân Ruddick’s interview with Ross Williams who refused to fight in Iraq and has also just been released from Colchester military prison.   Very brave men both, and have my utmost respect.
  • Coletanis gives us a somewhat humourous take on a Christian family conference for ‘curing’ sexual orientation in The opposite of homosexuality is…
  • Emcee writes about gender and conformity in Beirut.  In a similar way to everywhere else, it is ok to be ‘different’ as long it is somebody else’s child that is being ‘different’.
  • Emcee again, writes an amazing piece called ‘Choice:  How or Why?‘ the questions that separate science and bigotry.  And please do check out the rest of Bekhsoos as it features some fantastic writing.
  • G. Simon Harak provides a very timely piece following his travels in Pakistan, on the connections between Taliban forces and Pakistan’s government, and the effects of Team America’s big military boot.
  • sparkledust81, in a refreshingly nuanced and clever piece, ‘I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure’ discusses the divisive issues within feminism raised by sex work.  Object’s website is here.

And now for a bit of beauty, Janelle Monae’s Tightrope.  There is an interesting article on i09 about Monae’s work.

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