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A week in links

July 24, 2010
  • Sunny Hundal writes about how two Muslim women were denied entry onto a London bus, and also notes that most of the comments in the Evening Standard blame the women for the bus driver’s racism.  The first to comment on this OP also blames the victims. *headdesk*
  • Madeleine Bunting explores France’s proposed ban on the Islamic veil in public places, where she shows the clear racism in this legislation and how it is directly encouraging more racism.
  • Cath Elliott has posted Teresa May’s speech from the Women’s Aid National Conference.  May talks the talk, now we shall see if she walks the walk.

  • Ellie Cumbo considers what could be done at festivals to target misogyny following the rape of two women and an attempted rape at Lattitude last week.
  • Kira Cochrane assesses the UK’s upsurge in interest in Feminism and what it can practically achieve, with reference to mainstream feminist authors and campaigns of the moment.
  • Bill Savage introduces the Big Bum Jumble to the UK and in comments expands on fat activism in relation to other campaigns against oppression.
  • Madam Miaow explains how MAC Cosmetics’ new advertising campaign which channels femicide  – designed by Laura and Kate Mulleavy –  is so shocking.
  • Laurie Penny writes about Caster Semanaya’s return to athletics, after a shocking 11 months of invasive headlines and IAAF interventions  into her privacy, and her pink attire.
  • Hayley Jarvis explains the how the World Cup is a gift that keeps on giving – in nine months there will be a massive increase of the already huge problem of babies being dumped, either dead in plastic bags or with a tin of formula which signifies HIV status.  SOS  Children are looking to build another children’s village to take care of these unwanted children but at a cost of £400,000 (chicken feed to those in the obscene big money football world) this is a very long term plan.
  • Alison Clarke writes about another joyous sports event – in preparation for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China the authorities have taken to parading young barefoot prostitutes around the streets tied together by rope in order to clear the area of sex workers.

And now for a bit of beauty, All India Radio have a new album out in October and have released a teaser:

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  1. August 7, 2010 13:05

    Thanks for the link to the Carnival! 😀

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