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Derby Pride Protest

July 12, 2010

Derby celebrated Pride on Saturday.  The day was a success with the only blip being a protest by:

a group of 14 protesters claiming to be from the Islamic community waved placards bearing anti-homosexual messages.

These were largely ignored by the those in the parade and the public, but upset an unnamed woman who explained that:

My 18-year-old grandson is gay. He is who he is. Who are these people to tell others how to live? It’s totally wrong – I’m glad they were drowned out.”

What impressed me most about this article from This is Derbyshire is they went further than simply reporting the protest and sought a statement from the police and the local Mosque:

A police spokeswoman said that the views of the protesters did not represent the Muslim majority.

“They do not represent the 14,000 majority Muslim community living in Derby. The mainstream community did not support the counter demonstration and have no issues or concerns about the parade or the wider gay community.”

Gulfraz Nawaz, secretary of Derby’s Jamia Mosque, said last night: “The views of the protesters do not represent all the Muslim community – they are a very small minority and they give the majority of Muslims a bad name.

“I think we should live and let live.”

Wouldn’t find that reported in the Daily Hate would you?

Whilst Derby was celebrating Pride I was in protest free Manchester at Sparkle: The National Transgender Festival, where I had the opportunity to hear Natacha Kennedygive a talk about her research into transgender children and young people which was excellent and well worth catching if you have the chance.

H/T ILGA Europe

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