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The Shell Ad the FT Refused to Publish

May 18, 2010

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Via Benedict Pringle & @AmnestyUK More info from Amnesty UK,

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  1. May 18, 2010 13:58

    FT have proffered an explanation:

    But an FT spokesman, quoted by Press Gazette, said: “Editorially, the FT was more than willing to run the advertisement for Amnesty. Unfortunately, whilst Amnesty gave us written assurances that they would take full responsibility for the comments and opinions stated in the advertisement, it became apparent that Amnesty’s lawyers had not had a proper opportunity to advise Amnesty on those opinions. As a result, from a legal perspective we were unable to rely on Amnesty’s assurances.”

    Yeah, right.


  1. Amnesty ad on Shell pulled from the FT | Vagina Dentata

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