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“Education Conveniences”

May 15, 2010

Falling birthrates have meant schools cannot fill their books.  In the drive to close great schools the most important thing seems to be land value – well it is round my way anyways in the most corrupt council in the land.  My area is turning into a commuter town much the same way that  my last town did and land is needed to build the expensive housing needed for these commuters, and obviously there is lots of money and backhanders involved.

Over the water Gwynedd is obviously facing the same scenario and this week  Liz Saville Roberts of the council’s education department outlined their challenges specifically in Bala:

By developing the education conveniences in the town we are going to create more chances to schools around the town that feed Ysgol y Berwyn.  We see this as a chance to enhance the resources in the primary schools in the town and we really need to.

“But thinking of the education values, it’s a chance to share the expertise between teachers and the way primary school teaches and the expertise of the high school teachers.”

‘Education conveniences’?  This woman is talking about schools!  I imagine many of us remember our schools as toilets but seriously?  I know the two purposes of schools are breaking children for a lifetime of servitude to our ruling classes and secondly a place to store children while their parents perform their function in life – making money for the ruling classes, but ‘conveniences’?

More on Saville Roberts here and a short bio here.

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