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Landmines and Aids Victims? Nope.

April 20, 2010

I listened to Pickled Politics‘ Sunny Hundal on R4 commenting earlier alongside Iain Martin of the Wall Street Journal.  The topic was Nick Clegg and his showing in recent polls.  All well and good until Martin decided to present Clegg’s rise as the embodiment of Diana’s demise.  I kid you not!  The line that Martin took on R4 was that ‘Like Diana in death, Clegg is now also beyond criticism’.  To be fair to Martin, he does expand on this in his blog but chose not to when talking earlier.

This is exactly the sort of thing that repulses me from much political journalism.  Let’s compare the death of a woman whose life touched many of us, to a few political polls which rate a career politician making out he is exasperated with the system that pays his bills.  In the process let’s make out that the electorate are too stupid to see through style over substance, and all we see post tv debate is Clegg the shiny messiah striving to save us from the horrid stuff of Westminister.  Many political pundits are all excited about the polled Cleggmania but the rest of us are just getting on with the normal stuff of life and some of us will be voting in May – probably for one of the two front-runners in our own individual constituencies. 

Other Clegg monikers are available.

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