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Pope Cries For Himself

April 18, 2010

Easter holidays are almost over and I have been happily otherwise engaged away from blogging.  Lots still going on though and I’ll try to update this blog quite a bit this week.

The mob in the Vatican’s practice of blaming their crimes in covering up clerical sexual abusers on others continues unabated.  Last week’s excuses were homosexuality (again!), the Jews (again!) and permissive society (again!).  

The closest the allegations have gotten to Pope Benedict is the case of Peter Hullerman who was allowed to continue abusing children whilst under the direct jurisdiction of Archbishop Ratzinger of Munich and Freising – one of Benedicts paid roles before getting the King gig.  Hullerman continued as a priest in a pastoral role with access to children until he was outed by the media in March.  Gerhard Gruber, was ordered to take the fall for this and made statements that Benedict knew nothing.

Now, Der Spiegel is reporting a different version:

Gruber’s friends have told Der Spiegel news magazine that when the story came to light last month, he was under immense pressure to take responsibility for the decision in order to shield the Pope from accusations of having helped a paedophile.

The magazine wrote that he was urgently “requested” to take full responsibility in order to take the Pope “out of the firing line.”

He wrote in a letter to a friend that he had been faxed a statement that he was to make, though he had been given the opportunity to suggest changes.

Gruber issued a statement in March which said, “The repeated employment of H. [Hullerman]in priestly spiritual duties was a bad mistake. I assume all responsibility.”

The implication from the bishopric that Gruber had acted alone in offering help to the paedophile priest, and not turned him over to the police, has greatly upset him, the magazine wrote.

Meanwhile the NYT reported that the German sexual abuse hotline set up by the Catholic church received calls from 2,600 individuals in it’s first 3 days.  That’s a lot of scope for working out direct links to Benedict and squashing them. 

The rape and abuse of nuns by male Catholic clerics is starting to get a bit of publicity and I hope this continues.  Nuns are much safer than prostitutes didn’t you know!

Oh, and Benedict shed a few tears in Malta about all this … for himself!

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  1. April 19, 2010 02:51

    Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been meaning to write about the rape of nuns.

  2. Michael permalink
    April 21, 2010 15:40

    Gruber tells a different version than der Spiegel.

    He has denied the reports that he was pressured into anything.,tt7m1/bayern/943/509080/text/ (German) (behind subscriber wall)

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