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Vatican Priest Lies on Sky News

March 26, 2010

I turned on Sky News at half five to watch Colm O’Gorman who was being interviewed about the cover-up of clerical sexual abuse by the Catholic Church. 

Sky News had also invited a Vatican based American priest to defend the indefensible and I could hardly believe it when this man said there had been no cases of clerical sexual abuse since the 70’s!  I didn’t mishear it as O’Gorman also tweeted the very same thing after his interview.  Un-fucking-believable.

Even the Primate of England & Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols stated that clerical sexual abuse exists today and – the difference is that in England & Wales the problem has been recognised and tackled and this all seems to be in the open:

Every year since 2002 the Catholic Church in England and Wales has made public the exact number of allegations made within the Church, the number reported to the police, the action taken and the outcome. As far as I know, no other organisation in this country does this. It is not a cover-up; it is clear and total disclosure. The purpose of doing so is not to defend the Church. It is to make plain that in the Catholic Church in England and Wales there is no hiding place for those who seek to harm children. On this we are determined.

One more fact. In the past 40 years, less than half of 1 per cent of Catholic priests in England and Wales (0.4 per cent) have faced allegations of child abuse. Fewer have been found guilty. Do not misunderstand me. One is too many. One broken child is a tragedy and a disgrace. One case alone is enough to justify anger and outrage. The work of safeguarding, within any organisation and within our society as a whole, is demanding but absolutely necessary. The Catholic Church here is committed to safeguarding children and all vulnerable people.

The Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service publishes safeguarding policies and details of reports of abuse within the church, and reviews as appropriate with cases dropped by civil authorities being investigated in-house.

A clear policy of reporting clerical sexual abuse to the police, robust safeguarding policies for the vulnerable and transparency are the very things required from the Vatican, but instead they decide to send liars to clearly lie to our faces.

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  1. March 28, 2010 20:17

    The reason why only a tiny fraction of the molestation cases are getting the light of day is that the RCC makes victims sign oaths of silence under threat of excommunication.

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