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Handyman? Pest controller? Bomb maker? Rapist?

March 26, 2010

Yesterday I clicked into a link titled ‘ UK police asks Internet cafes to monitor customers’ thinking it would be about tracking sexual predators.  Of course not, it was about terrorism – arguably the most bad-taste subject imaginable – doh! 

The Metropolitan Police said Thursday that the initiative — which has been rolled out over the past weeks under the auspices of the government’s counterterrorism strategy — is aimed at reminding cafe owners that authorities are ready to hear from them if they have concerns about their Internet users.

The BBC Asian Network writes that this is part of a new programme in the government’s £140m Prevent strategy to help counterterrorism’  Details of this new programme can be accessed from the Met’s home page, where I was delighted to find a lovely link to a wonderful  Four Lions advertising poster:

But the Met’s home page contains NO links to preventing sexual abuse and violence despite the chance of being affected by sexual abuse and violence is roughly 3 million times higher than being killed by a terrorist.

While there is a 43,500/1 chance of being killed in an accident at work there is an 8,000/1 chance of being killed in a road accident …  to meet your end is in a shark attack with odds of 300,000,000/1 … [and the] odds of dying in a terrorist attack are 9,300,000/1

The few Rape Crisis Centres still left in existence have to grovel for subsistence funding year on year to provide a minimum level of service to victims of sexual abuse and violence, and the chance of any thought of countering such crime isn’t even on the radar of those with the capabilities to do it. 

Where are the £140m campaigns to spot sexual predators and report them?  Certainly not on this piece of crap page from the Met.  With terrorists we advertise to catch the criminals.  With sexual predators we advertise to limit the activities of potential victims whilst getting in the blame on victims early.  Where is the counter sexual predator legislation with it’s extended questioning periods and indefinite incarceration without trial?  If 1 in 3 people weren’t being attacked by sexual predators yesterday but it started today then that WOULD be a national emergency.  Just because it already happens why does it make it any less important to counter?  What we get instead is the worthy Stern Review with it’s debatable statistics and no mention of funding for the worthiness.

New counterterrorism campaign:  Don’t leave your house and you won’t be blown up.  If you do and you are then it’s your own fault.  And never get on a plane.  See anything wrong with that?

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