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BNP Teachers

March 12, 2010

The Maurice Smith Review, charged with carrying out ‘a full and detailed review of the provisions which prevent the promotion of racism in schools’ has reported back to Government and it’s findings have been accepted by Ed Balls in full. Apparently the review was so full and detailed that the investigations included a meeting with a National Front press officer, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The DCSF press release * about the report outlines six recommendations made by Smith including monitoring by Ofsted and annual Government review states:

The current safeguards in place to protect children and young people in maintained schools from discrimination or political indoctrination include:

– a requirement for schools to have equal opportunities policies
– a duty to promote racial equality
– a statutory duty to promote community cohesion
– a duty on governing bodies, head teachers and local authorities to forbid the teaching of partisan political activities
– disciplinary powers of the GTCE

Maurice Smith adds:

Although police and prison officers are banned, to ban more than half a million teachers – or six million public servants – from joining a legitimate organisation would take this to a different scale of magnitude. Additionally, there is no consensus on this matter, and no agreement on where to ‘draw the line’. [my emphasis]

The BBC reports:

The teachers’ union the NASUWT, which has campaigned to have BNP members banned from schools, said it was disappointed by the review’s findings.

General secretary Chris Keates said: “Maurice Smith has squandered a golden opportunity to advance the cause of ensuring good race relations in schools.
“The report is woefully inadequate and littered with contradictions.”
She said too much attention was paid to the number of incidents in schools, saying “one incident is one too many”.

So in effect, teachers racist enough to join the BNP or NF will be monitored by ‘equal opportunities policies’ and Ofsted visits carried out every four years! Seriously! Obviously it doesn’t mean a teacher isn’t a racist bigot if they don’t belong to the BNP or NF but membership of either of these groups absolutely proves they are. I’d like to hear Balls’ rationale as to how such bigotry would not affect teaching and would promote community cohesion.

There is obviously no connection between the fact that there is an election almost upon us with New Labour desperate to woo disaffected voters who might choose to vote BNP is there? That would be seriously disgusting, and it’s not like they have form for this type of thing, certainly not in Lewisham, or Barking. (Please see Hope not Hate for alternate ways of fighting the BNP).

The Smith review does not cover recruitment within schools at all. Perhaps the new Equality Bill will really be a miracle after all and it’s enactment will mean liberal sprinklings of magic dust over all the problems that have been found with current Race Relations legislation.

*The DCSF press release contains a link to the full Smith Review report, but the DCSF have not made it available at the time of writing.

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  1. March 12, 2010 11:44

    If it’s any consolation, I thought most my teacher were fascists. Then again, I was taught by priest from a catholic order that made the Jesuits look like pacifists.

    • March 23, 2010 22:17

      Nice to see WordPress likes you again!

      I also thought most of my teachers were fascists as well, but it turned out that half of them lived in Brighton and were drugged up to the eyeballs at the weekends. Guess the come-down on Monday mornings with classes full of horrid teenagers must have been the absolute pits!

  2. Lucy permalink
    March 14, 2010 08:26

    Beyond blocking the BNP, that in itself is not enough. A reminder this morning in the Observer, if ever one was needed, of Yarl’s Wood horrors. Yet it was only a few years ago that SERCO dismissed a BNP member and won a case against unfair dismissal. So there is a kind of twist there – absent BNP obviously does not absolve the State nor keep it in check from implementing ruthless policies.

    “Her arms are scarred from repeated stabbings during an incident in Zimbabwe in which she was also beaten and raped. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been in Yarl’s Wood for five months and alleges medical mistreatment and racist abuse by staff, claims that have been denied. She told the Observer: “The officers are racist and are not sympathetic. We have suffered and don’t want to be tortured here, but inside here it is a form of torture but nobody can see us locked up.”

    A late posting for today, but it’s one of many protest demonstrations; there is more information as well on site plus links.
    Yarl’s Wood Mother’s Day

    “We have chosen to act on Mother’s Day to highlight the cruel way that migrant women, many of whom have come to the UK to seek respite from violence and torture, have been separated from their families for no good reason and at little notice. They have since been subjected to further violence and humiliation within the immigration centre.”

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