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International Women’s Day 2010

March 8, 2010

It’s 2010 and it could be said that women are still seen through the madonna/whore lens.  But the simple fact is that there is no madonna.  From birth to death we are all whores.  We are all seen as whores and treated in the same vicious inhuman ways whores are treated.  The perception that whores can’t be raped has been frequently documented in interviews with men purchasing sex who don’t see sex workers as human.  And that’s how we are treated – as something less than human who are traumatised and raped and beaten and murdered and infected and mutilated and denied healthcare and protection from all of these things by the media, by our families, by men and women, by the law, by every single male dominated political system in every single nation state.

On the eve of International Women’s Day (IWD) Zoe Margolis wrote an opinion piece for The Independent newspaper about being outed as the author of a blog and book describing her sex life.  The Independent titled this piece ‘I was a hooker who became an agony aunt’ , printed it and put it online with the url which has now been de-activated following calls to lawyers and the piece was re-named  ‘Zoe Margolis: I’m a good-time girl who became an agony aunt’.  Good-time girl means the same as hooker.  Margolis has never been a hooker or ‘good-time girl’, simply a woman who writes about sex.  But as we are all whores the media think it’s fine to title any women as a hooker. 

This view of women as whores is handy to governments, both for controlling women and controlling expenditure.  It would cost too much to protect women from violence.  Just think of the cost to the police and the courts if all women who were raped reported it and expected the rapist to be held to account for his actions which was tallied up in 2005: The estimated cost to the state of one rape is £73,487.  No wonder that the system is designed so government estimates mean that only 5% of rapes are reported to police.  And from those 5% of rapes that are reported, an average of 7% end up in convictions (ranging from 1.6 % conviction rate from reported rapes in Dorset to 15.4% conviction rate in North Yorkshire).  These figures are dependent on reported rates but as 40% of reports are ‘no-crimed’ for a variety of reasons then they are likely to be even poorer than they look.  As we all know, whores don’t tell the truth.  If nobody is blamed for being rapists then rape victims blame themselves.

Rapists know the state sanctions their crimes.  Rapists know the likelihood that they will be punished is extremely slim.  If by some miracle they are reported, caught and found guilty, rapists also know that the sentence they are given will be a joke.  The maximum sentence for rape is life imprisonment (15-40 years).  An appropriate sentence for such a devastating crime.  The recommended sentence for rape is five years.  Serial sex attacker and rapist John Worboys was sentenced to eight years in 2009.  Hugh Rodley was also convicted in 2009, sentenced to eight years as well – for fraud.  Whores don’t deserve justice – they don’t own their own bodies, but if somebody has taken your money you can rightfully expect a prison sentence of up to 150 years.

Rape victims know they will not be believed and that is them that will be punished if they report being raped.  The UK is a country that imprisons victims, especially if they are asylum seekers and are the women most likely to have been raped.  Our country believes women are whores and cannot be raped.

We campaign against drink driving by targeting drivers, we campaign against rape by targeting the victims.  That’s how seriously the state cares.  Jokes about rape are considered funny and appropriate we let our children make Facebook groups about them, while I don’t think I have ever heard a joke about drink driving.

We can’t even be bothered to support rape victims after we have allowed them to be raped.  We deny them access to services such as Rape Crisis Centres and we blame them for being raped as is routinely shown by juries and surveys.

In 2006/7, there were more than 13,000 rapes reported to police in England and Wales. 

in 2007-08
there were 20,758 under-18s recorded by police as victims of sex crimes, including rape, gross indecency and incest. The number of offences recorded against girls was six times higher than the number against boys.

Around 21% of girls and 11% of boys experience some form of child sexual abuse. 23% of women and 3% of men experience sexual assault as an adult. 5% of women and 0.4% of men experience rape. (Cross Government Action Plan on Sexual Violence and Abuse).

I can’t find any figures of reported rapes in Scotland or Northern Ireland that distinguish between attempted rape and rape.  Similarly I cannot find figures of reported rape of trans women, but it will be higher than the 5% figure quoted above for women.

Perhaps IWD is an occasion to look at women as human beings but it is a pathetic token to highlight individual women who we are supposed to look up to when we know all women are whores.

Today I shall think of Mukhtar Mai and all women, men and children who have been raped because their government sanctions rape and denies justice and recovery to survivors because they are seen as less than human.

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  1. Sean permalink
    March 8, 2010 18:06

    I’m a man and I feel shocked and ashamed by those statistics that only underline how much both society and the legal system fail to support women. I can only express my admiration for your stance and hope that sites such as these get the attention they need if we’re ever to see a world where justice and equality are not distant strangers,

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