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Tents and other supplies still desperately needed in Haiti

February 21, 2010

Via Global Fund for Women

Haiti: What You Can Do To Help Women and Children

February 7, 2010

 The Global Fund for Women has an update from our sister networks. Please share widely.

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for all of your contributions to any and all organizations that are providing support to the people of Haiti. These are greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, in many camps essentials such as food and clothing are not yet widely available, especially for women and children.

As with most other natural disasters, the strongest and the fittest tend to dominate disaster supply chain and distribution. Women and young girls are the last to have access to the supplies chain and distribution points. So they do not receive the supplies that they most urgently need in addition to food and water. So it is in Haiti. Rape of young girls and women is also a growing problem.

Haitian women, young girls and youths are in need of:

– Feminine supplies, combs, feminine wipes, panties, bras and clothes and other support (especially for pregnant women and new mothers).
– Personal/household supplies for birth delivery and after: (rubbing alcohol or disposable anti-germicidal substitutes)
– Baby wipes, baby wraps, pampers, socks and caps and supplies for nursing mothers/newborn
– Clothing and under garments for women and young girls
– Bedding & blankets for babies and mothers.
– Urgent need for the morning after pill (rape of girls and young women is becoming a problem, and frequently occurs in the aftermath of most disasters).
– Any items that you think would be useful for women and girls.
– In general any supplies (such as toothpaste, tooth brushes etc) that can be used for daily living for men, women, boys and girls are welcome.

Donations can be left in the accompanying box and or may be sent directly to:

Sergia Galvan and Mayra Tavarez
Colectiva Mujeres Y Salud/CAFRA
Calle Socomo Sanchez
No 74, Gazcu, Santo Domingo DR
Tel: 1-809-682-3128 or 1-809-315-0571

Other ways you can help are through donations to the Global Fund for Women Crisis Fund or by joining and sharing the Facebook Cause “Supporting Women and Girls in Haiti“.

This is a specific drive for Emergency Supplies for Haitian women and girls that is being sponsored by the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA) and Colectiva Mujers Y Salud (Women’s Health Collective), Dominican Republic, and the CAFRA Youth League in Haiti. This assistance is being transferred primarily through the Myriam Merlet* International Solidarity Camp directly to women and women´s organizations.

*Myriam Merlet was a National Representative of CAFRA who was killed during the earthquake.

US contacts: Mariama Williams/Stephanie Ebanks, 561-512-3756
Email: and

Via Shelterbox

Thursday 18 February 2010

Tents top priority in Haiti

It is now five weeks since Haiti was rocked by a catastrophic earthquake and there is still an urgent need for secure shelter which can stand up to the Haitian climate.

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Jane Nash has just returned to the UK from Port au Prince. She says the importance of getting people into tents cannot be underestimated.

‘The rains are going to be really hard and it’s going to take a long time to get transitional housing up and running. Our tents will withstand heavy rain. Would you want to be in a tarpaulin sheet in a torrential downpour when the ground will be soaked? The look on one woman’s face when I gave her a tent was like it was the best thing she had ever had, ’said Jane.

ShelterBox General Manager Lasse Petersen added: ‘At present the vast majority of people left homeless have yet to receive even plastic sheeting. These families need immediate emergency shelter rather than becoming caught up in policy debates.

‘A tent, as we’ve already seen, can be a life saving difference to many of the most vulnerable during what is likely to become a very lengthy wait for anything more permanent. It’s vital we continue our efforts in Haiti; tents are the number one priority.’

So far more than 7,000 ShelterBoxes and disaster relief tents have been distributed in Haiti and another 1,200 are due to arrive in Port au Prince, Haiti’s capital, by Friday. The SRT in Port au Prince already has a planned distribution in place for these boxes.

ShelterBox has committed another 5,000 tents to Haiti, which will provide shelter for another 50,000 people. These will start arriving at the end of February. ShelterBox tents undergo rigorous testing and will be able to stand up to the spring rains which will soon descend on Haiti.

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