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Facebook group: Punching pregnant women in the belly is fun. Yep it sure is.

February 21, 2010

Update: This group has now been removed from Facebook, and the following email has been forwarded to me from one of you that complained.

Thank you for the information.

Both boys will be interviewed and parents contacted.

I  spent a large portion of yesterday’s assembly reminding the boys of their social and legal responsibilities in relation to these social network sites.

Deputy Headmaster- Student Welfare

I’m impressed with the Ipswich Grammar School!  Thank you to everybody who reported the group and also sent emails to the school.  You might want to consider joining this Facebook group and publicising it:  

What is with all the groups promoting violence against women? PISS OFF

Lovely Facebook group.  Please report using the report button on Facebook.  Two of the members identify as belonging to the independent Ipswich Grammar School.  The email address listed on the school’s web page is if you feel like passing on details of this group to the school. 

Punching pregnant women in the belly is fun


Basic Info
Name:Punching pregnant
Just for FunTotally Pointless

Description: yep it sure is
Privacy type: Open: All content is public.


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