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Aw Julie Bindel, Bechod!

February 2, 2010

On an F-Word thread that contains comments criticising the study Men Who Buy Sex which Julie Bindel contributed to, our ‘dear friend’ Bindel has posted this comment today:

Julie Bindel said:

When I made the comment about the 27 folk who signed the letter of complaint re Big Brothl, I meant that the vast majority are campaigning alongside sex industry profiteers (pimps) and punters to legalise the industry, NOT that they are directly profiting themselves. I was making the point that they are politcal campaigners and certainly not objective.

I must say I get really tired of this villification of me. Boring. Do some activism instead of having a go at me and my colleagues. [my bold]

Posted on 02 February 2010 at 4:48 PM

Funny how Bindel didn’t like activists on Friday at the RVT.  In fact her dislike was so intense that she got her little friends to come out in support of her, including Bea Campbell in the Guardian’s CIF, and Johann Hari on Twitter and Facebook  with this status update leading to 77 comments so far:

Johann Hari strongly disagrees with Julie Bindel about transsexuals, but she is a good and honourable person with a serious argument, and this witch-hunting of her is disgraceful.

29 January at 19:27

I suppose in Bindel world there is activism and activism activism then, in a Whoopi Goldberg kinda way?  Perhaps Bindel can clarify, if she has time between her doublespeak and disgusting bigotry.

Responses to Campbell, further to the comments below her Guardian rubbish, include C.L. Minou on the Guardian’s CIF,  auntysarah who was linked to by Campbell, and Penny Red.  And Polly also has a response.  Please let me know of any others elsewhere.  auntysarah also contains a Facebook thread between Sarah, Julie Bindel and others.

As for all the fine work Bindel has done for the survivors of domestic and sexual violence – cheers.  As a survivor of both domestic violence and rape I may have benefited from her work, and I sure as hell will do all I can to ensure that the little help available is also available to my trans sisters.

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  1. Helen G permalink
    February 2, 2010 21:27

    It’s increasingly difficult to avoid thinking that if it’s not all about her, then she’ll make it all about her.

  2. February 3, 2010 02:20

    The narCISsism runneth over.

  3. February 3, 2010 04:27

    I particularly enjoyed the Facebook status thread where almost all the cis people lectured a trans woman on what trans is, what transphobia (anti-trans bigotry) is, and so on. But of course, there is no such thing as cis privilege. Yeah, tell me another one.

    And, of course, polly has got it dead right again. The CiF commenter has revealed the secret trans women plot to annihilate women’s spaces by being the vanguard for men coming in. Drat. polly has rediscovered the long lost knowledge that the obscure feminist Janice Raymond wrote in a book no one has ever heard of called “The Transsexual Empire” and the even more obscure feminist Mary Daly wrote in a similarly obscure book called “Gyn/Ecology” (although polly has self-admittedly never read the latter book). Thank goodness polly has rescued this knowledge from oblivion by independently rediscovering it. She is owed a great debt by everyone. Especially for making that other vastly important point that teh p33n is so dangerous that even when it is no longer present it is still there. I now have to totally admit that the reason I am a feminist and am involved with my uni student feminist group and Take Back The Night (the US version of Reclaim The Night) is not because I’m a woman, not because I believe in feminism, not because I’ve had friends who were raped and almost raped, not because trans women are raped (and sometimes killed) by men (and women) at an unforgivably high rate, but is instead because I am an agent of the Patriarchy, waiting for my orders to destroy from within and in the meantime trying to lull women into trusting me by faking a life story about being a feminist since before I knew what it was and faking a passionate commitment to feminism and especially TBTN (I even went to the first TBTN national conference largely at my own expence just to further my cover!). I suppose I shall now hie myself off to an MRA group where no doubt they will welcome me as the heroic man I so obviously am. *looks pointedly down at breasts*

    All these things remind me of a rather funny video I saw on Youtube that ended with the cry of “Leave Julie Bindel alooooooone!” in the style of the famous “Leave Britney alone!”. I’m waiting for Ms Bindel’s next column to explain how she has been victimised yet again by the crazy, dangerous trans people who are out to get her for courageously speaking the truth while trans people continue to lie about themselves.

    • February 3, 2010 04:30

      I’m also looking forward to my comments about being an agent of the Patriarchy and all that being credulously quoted as what I really think and am. Because that’s never happened to a snarky statement before.

    • February 4, 2010 01:53

      Thanks for your snark “agent” Lucy, and the new word (which I had to google) “hie” 🙂

      Did you know I am also an agent, *drumroll* for my compliments:
      “Stupid girl. Enjoy the view from your knees.”
      “you stupid girl, I said you were stupid, not silly, stupid because you are hell bent on living life on your knees to suck dick. Got that?”
      “grow the fuck up. If I wanted to curse you out I would say it in the open, as, it appears I have done. Now be gone stupid girl, I don’t’ have energy to fuck with you and I don’t get any pleasure grinding you into dust. I did it publicly because your stank stupid ass talked about us in public (you know, where men can pat you on the head for fighting their cause). So you reap what you sow. You brought the negative attention on yourself when you called us out specifically. Live with it.” (by the way this is from the vile AROOO, and I still can’t see the “negative attention” referred to in the quote)
      “Earwicga, I have no idea what you are talking about. You sound hysterical to me.”
      “Your attitude – and those of other similar ‘feminists’ is no different to any male who tells lesbians they just haven’t fucked the right man yet.”
      etc. ad nauseum
      Yay – I’ve been wanting to put those on here for ages 🙂

      • February 4, 2010 05:43

        You’re quite welcome for both the snark and the word. What I really find most horrific about these supposed feminists is how often they display outright misogyny, as shown in the comments about you, when they’re complaining about the misogyny of others. They’ll reduce women to parts just like men do. Oh, they’ll claim noble reasons to do so, like they’re just showing how trans women can never be female even with GRS. But what this shows, of course, is that all of us have internalised the misogyny of patriarchy because it’s the world we grew up in and still live in. To assume one is somehow immune to it or cured of its influence because one has become a feminist is to misunderstand how patriarchy works. It’s something that always has to be fought.

  4. coldharbour permalink
    February 5, 2010 14:19

    I find it quite disturbing that the F-word gave a very tacit appraisal to Bindel as journalist despite her openly bigoted transphobic views. They expressed the fact that publishing a report she was connected with is not synonymous with endorsing her views but put it this way, do you think they would have a thread about a openly sexist/racist journalist endorsing a report in media? Don’t think so, but then again who cares about transphobia in the world of the F-word? With regards to the aforementioned thread, I found it quite ironic that Jess MaCabe was censoring lucid intelligent post while giving Bindel a free hand with her childish responses.

    • February 5, 2010 20:26

      I think Julie Bindel’s responses were good – see the example above 🙂

      I don’t know how to answer whether Bindel’s research should be used or not tbh and have delayed publishing your comment because of this. I haven’t read the research (just the post and comments) and I think Lucy and you and others have given an appropriate context in which to read the research if I or others should choose to do so. If The F-Word had not published the report then this critical context may not have been as easily available. I will look up Emma Goldman though, I know the name and little else.

      • February 5, 2010 21:21

        I can’t disagree with you about the critical comments not being known. I am only disappointed that no one engaged with my criticisms and went on arguing about and with pwner instead before the thread got closed. But, whatever. I may turn my comment into a post elsewhere to make sure it’s not just hidden.

  5. February 5, 2010 20:31

    “They expressed the fact that publishing a report she was connected with is not synonymous with endorsing her views”

    I don’t recall seeing this actually. I looked at the OP again and it is not there so it must be in the comments.

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