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28 Days to safeguard women in Wales

February 2, 2010

Via Million Women Rise on Facebook

We have 1 month left to press the Assembly to deliver an effective, integrated strategy to tackle violence against women and girls.

As a result of our campaign, the new Minister for Social Justice and Local Government, Carl Sargeant, has committed to completing an integrated strategy to prevent violence and assist survivors to rebuild their lives by the end of February 2010.


1 woman will die at the hands of a family member/partner
16 women will be raped – with the case taken to court
35 sexual assaults against women will be taken to court
356 domestic abuse cases will be prosecuted
150 women will flee to a refuge following abuse, along with 132 children
160 women will be turned away, as refuges in Wales will be full
180 women suffering from abuse will ring the Wales Domestic Abuse Helpline
9 women with no recourse to public funding will be turned away from refuge
5 women will become victims of trafficking
3 women will report forced marriage

The Wales VAW Action Group has been working with the Assembly
Government to strengthen its draft strategy to tackle violence against
women, but the shape and content of the final strategy remains


Please email Carl Sargeant asking him to ensure the Strategy delivers
on the Assembly’s commitments to safeguard women in Wales.

Template letter (Welsh and English) and contact details here:


Press release 

Follow us on Twitter   


Your actions have made a difference. This time last year an integrated
strategy was not even being discussed in Wales. Thanks to everyone who
has emailed, written, spread the word and otherwise supported this

Please forward widely. Thanks! 🙂

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