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Eve Ensler in DR Congo

January 1, 2010

Eve Ensler writes from Bukavu in The Four Months Since Hilary

I have been in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo for the month of December. Christmas at Panzi Hospital was overflowing with raped and tortured women. Many young girls, several under 14, carrying babies. Every day at least 13 new women arrive seeking care to repair the damage done to their bodies from the rapes and sexual torture.

Since Secretary Clinton’s wildly publicized and celebrated visit in August, since the UN’s report of success for the Kimia II military operation, since the international community in theory woke up to horrors of the merciless economic war in the Congo, the war rages on and takes its toll. I know because I sat with women who live in the bush, many of whom have now been raped two or three times. I sat holding them as their bodies shook uncontrollably, as they leaked urine from fistula, as they compulsively wrung their hands and hid their faces behind their panges and rocked and cried out to God as they told me their stories …

These horrific acts and thousands more happened in the four months since Secretary Clinton promised action and money, the UN promised protection and claimed it delivered it, and the international community approved their plan. All this happened under the watch of an American President, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, who has yet to make the destruction of the female species of the Congo anything more than a one-line reference in a speech. As this femicide is spreading to other countries and will continue to spread if he does not make this a front and center issue. In the months where the minerals of the Congo continue to be exploited by the world, where the surrounding countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi have yet to be held accountable for waging a regional war in the Congo for those minerals.  More

And also on the V-day website:

Going mad – you tell the story of horror and atrocity one too many times and
then you realize nothing is happening and that must mean that no one really
cares or not enough people care enough to stop their lives to change things
and then you realize that the world goes on getting its minerals, supporting
its luxuries and the death, massacres rapes and tortures of millions doesn¹t
matter. And then you can’t find a real reason for wanting to live in
humanity or be part of this world but you don’t want to kill yourself so
your start strategizing, screaming out, denouncing and then you get called
mad. Because that is what people who have crossed over get called. At what
point are we each going to cross over? More

Hundreds of thousands of women, children and men are repeatedly raped and their bodies and lives destroyed and why?  Because “the minerals of the Congo continue to be exploited by the world”.  Basically because we don’t give a shit as long as we can continue to buy whatever we want to.  Nice soundbites from Hilary, but that is all they were.  And well done Hilary for the real tears and sincere outrage

More from Human Rights Watch.

And this can happen anywhere, anytime to any of us.

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  1. January 3, 2010 20:39

    A lot of people don’t know that Ms. Clinton is a militant, Christian fundamentalist with ties to the C St. cult in Washington, DC. (Think David Vitter and Bart Stupak.)

    She knows how to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.


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