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October 24, 2009

Anna North blogs about that idiot self-help guru Marcus Buckingham with reference to Barbara Ehrenreich and an column by Judith Warner.  Apparently women should all out-source everything – well I guess Buckingham isn’t talking to all women then, only the ones that can afford servents.  Note how Warner substitutes caretaking for parenting, and work for paid employment.  Parenting isn’t work, doh!

Sadie Stein blogs about how we love to censure parents with reference to the Heene parents (balloon boy), the Gosselin parents (well one of them is and the other is a total twat with hairplugs!) and Nadya Suleman (Octomum).

Jenna introduces a menstrual flow-chart which looks fun, if a little rigid – not everyone’s cycle marches to the same beat.

Margaret Hartmann blogs an entry regarding Lubna Hussein’s co-accused, who have been were sentenced to 20 lashes and a $110 fine yesterday for wearing pants.  (As does Anne of Carversville.)

Latoya blogs about the new trend of attacking women for their money in Afghanistan, concluding with a paragraph that Nicholas Kristoff would be advised to consider:

Reports like these underscore how important it is to take a full, comprehensive approach to solving a societal problem. As wonderful as microloan programs like Kiva can be, if women are persecuted for exercising these opportunities or for growing their businesses, all of our best efforts will be for naught.

Cover Lies tell the real story of the magazine covers designed to appeal to the ladies – every issue, in gory detail.  Enjoy!

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