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Ezra Nawi

October 20, 2009

Via Facebook Group – Support Human Rights Activist Ezra Nawi

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21, at 8.30, the final sentencing of Ezra Nawi will be given at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court (Peace Court).

The judge, Eilata Ziskind, found Ezra guilty of assaulting two border police officers and participating in a riot, during a house demolition in the West Bank, in the village of Um el-Hir in February, 2007.

Ezra was convicted based solely on the the border police officers’ testimonies, while the video footage from the event clearly showed that Ezra did not use violence in his protest against the injustices of the occupation.

The sentencing was supposed to be given a month ago, but was postponed since the judge tried to examine the possibility of reducing the punishment to community service. Ezra refused to comply with this attempt, as he continues to claim his innocence, and refuses to concede to an Israeli legal system which is blind to the principles of justice and truth.

Let us all meet in front of the courthouse tomorrow morning, in a silent vigil, to support our friend and his struggle for justice and equality.

The Committee Supporting Ezra Nawi

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  1. October 21, 2009 18:09

    This morning (21st) the judge, Eilata Ziskind, sentenced Ezra as follows:
    – 30 days in prison
    – 750 NIS fine which he will not pay and thus get extra 7 days in prison.
    – 500 NIS to each of the border police officers he “assaulted”.
    – 6 months if he violates law in the occupied territories in the next 3 years. The judge knew he would violate this parole.

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