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Direct Action 2

October 12, 2009

Greenpeace activists are still on the roof of Westminister Hall, after spending the night waiting for the scroungers MP’s to return to work today.  Anna explains why they are there:

Twitpic has a series of pictures taken from the roof, and the protest can be followed on Twitter.

Dawn on the Roof 12/09/09

Dawn on the Roof 12/09/09

a closer look at the bucket seats

How to spend the night inWestminister 12/09/09

Ask your MP to sign the manifesto (detailed below)  here.

Via Greenpeace UK


12 policies to save the climate and our planet


Posted by John Sauven on 11 October 2009.

With parliament coming back, a general election looming and the Copenhagen climate summit just weeks away, this is the time for rhetoric to stop and action to start. That’s why we’ve written this manifesto. The policies show that we can protect the environment while also protecting our economy. We want all politicans to steal our policies.

By using the big economic levers we can have sustainable recovery, create green jobs and cut emissions. But for this to happen politicans need to set aside short term party politics and work together to tackle the really important issues. And frankly, if any political party doesn’t adopt these policies, we should be asking them why not?

Zero carbon. Guarantee that emissions from the UK power sector will be near zero by 2030, as recommended by the UK government’s Committee on Climate Change.

Cut coal. Immediately rule out all emissions from new coal-fired power stations, preventing any new unabated or partially abated coal plants.

Cut emissions 42% by 2020. Commit Britain to meeting the bolder emissions target recommended by the Committee on Climate Change.

Insulate Britain. Drastically cut energy wastage by retrofitting all existing buildings and ensuring all new buildings meet zero-emission standards.

Fair financing. Commit to help pay for low carbon development in developing countries, to stop deforestation and to protect the world’s poorest people from the impacts of climate change.

Repower Britain. Commit to ensuring that at least 15% of the UK’s total energy (including heat, electricity and transport) comes from renewables by 2020.

Rewire Britain. Ensure that the electricity grid is upgraded to harness wind power and build smart local grids to improve communities’ ability to generate their own clean energy.

Curb aviation. Stop all airport expansion, including Heathrow’s proposed third runway.

Invest in Britain. Properly fund reseach and development, develop new training programmes and support the manufacturing supply chain to help Britain compete in the global low carbon economy.

Bank on green. Set up a green infrastructure bank that would lend to major low carbon projects and harness the expertise of the financial sector.

Issue green bonds. Give investors and savers a secure new way to help fund green projects through government backed bonds.

Reform taxation. Refocus taxation onto pollution so that it can support new green industries and drive down emissions while strengthening the UK’s finances

The International Energy Agency and leading economists agree that failure to act now will lead to economic as well as environmental disaster. However, if Britain’s political parties can work together to put these policies into practice, they can make Britain competitive in a low carbon world and, most importantly, enable us to play our part in stopping climate change.

All power to the protestors!

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  1. October 12, 2009 22:51

    Sorry but the 12 policies above wont do a thing. Had a word with Andrew Simms of the New Economics Foundation who is working with Prince Charles on the 100 months before no return tipping point (now 87 months). Showed a few top people my assessment. None has questioned it. WE HAVE 40 MONTHS. Use that under the precautionary principle.

    Time to get our act together. One reason why I haven’t put much on my blog, have been working away from it.

    One problem with Greenpeace is they quote the ex UK Government’s Chief Scientist Sir David King’s risk assessment that climate change is a greater threat than terrorism.

    Unfortunately he wasn’t the original author, I was. The risk assessment was an attempt to stop some futile and obscene war on Iraq ie dropping bombs on children and burning them alive and draw attention to the wider ecological threat we face, using climate change as an example.

    We are facing collapse of the planets ecological life support systems far sooner than the ‘climate only’ scenarios that Greenpeace are publicising.

    We need to sort the planet out in 40 months otherwise ecological collapse. No one to maintain our toxic chemical dumps and nuclear facilities hence total extinction of all higher life forms for the next 100 millions years.

    40 months!

  2. October 13, 2009 11:50

    This is the hundred month campaign Greenpeace is part of.

    I’ve spoken to Andrew Simms who is a founder partner.

    neither Andrew or others who I have disclosed from my own research it is 40 MONTHS before ecological life support system collapse, which climate change is just one part of: Have yet got back to me to refute my findings.

    40 MONTHS!

  3. October 13, 2009 14:01

    A major factor in climate change is the disgusting practice of eating other animals. Stop all farming of animals today and this would go a long way to reversing climate change.

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