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Way to go X Factor

October 11, 2009
I have spent way too much of my Sunday reading stupid stuff about the X Factor!  Therefore, I have to waste more time writing about what I thought of the show last night.

I didn’t pay much attention to the publicity stunt regarding BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, which is put up against the X Factor for our viewing delight every Saturday.  Du Beke used a racist term, it was wrong and he apologised.  Hopefully the publicity was a good thing, and challenged the people who see no problem with using racist terms to think about it.

dani minogueDanni Minogue, one of the four judges, said last night “‘No need to change the gender references[in the song], if we’re to believe everything we read in the press.” in response to Danyl Johnson‘s singing effort  (btw, I’m not linking to any gutter press articles – look them up if you want to).

I haven’t read anything in the papers about X-Factor contestents etc, so it seemed odd, and it seemed like this to thousands of others on internet forums including the official X-Factor website which shows comments running into the thousands regarding Minogue’s comment (2990 on my last look).  Turns out that Johnson has talked in the gutter press about being attracted to both men and women – he also said he doesn’t label himself as gay or bi-sexual.  Also seems that Minogue felt that commenting on these reports was the thing to do, rather than commenting on his singing.

Funny really, as Minogue and her sister are gay icons, and publically supportive of LBGT rights – perhaps she needs a new script writer then!

Minogue’s PR company has released this statement today:

Dannii made a joke about the lyrics of Danyl’s song, referencing a recent newspaper interview he has given about his private life. She spoke to Danyl straight after the show, explained what she was talking about and he wasn’t offended in the slightest. Dannii is mortified if her comments have been misinterpreted as she has always been hugely supportive of the gay and bi-sexual community for her entire career.”

I expect more will be said on this subject on tonight’s show.kandy rain

Anyways, this wasn’t even a talking point in the Earwicga household last night.  What was though, were the horrible comments made by Minogue and Cheryl Cole regarding how the group Kandy Rain were dressed.  Way to go with the controlling women by their clothing!  I made a comment about how unfair it was that the women couldn’t wear what they liked on stage and it looked fine to me, and my son countered that with how women should wear what they like anywhere.  He was more right than me!  Later in the show there was complaint from one of the female judges about the costume of a woman in jeans and a t-shirt.  Confusing much!

It’s not like controlling women via their clothing is a new thing so obviously it is hardly commented on today in the media.  Obviously everything we wear has to have massive meaning and define who we are and how we should be treated by others.    We all know that if women wear skimpy clothing then they are sluts and it’s hardly surprising when they are then raped.  Recent debate has ranged from wearing trousers in Sudan to sexualised clothing for young girls to Muslim’s women’s clothing to women wearing lipstick and high heels.  From what I saw last night, Kandy Rain were performing on stage and their stylist put them in clothes appropriate to said performance on stage.  Again, reports in the gutter press were refered to by the judges, where apparently the women of Kandy Rain’s employment history includes working in the adult entertainment industry – stripping, lap dancing, and underwear modelling.  Obviously this work is the devil’s work and is bad, bad, bad, and ITV have commented that none of this dirty work will be continued while Kandy Rain are on the show.  Obviously costume is of vital importance to the female X Factor judges when deciding if Kandy Rain turned in a good performance or not last night.  Minogue quipped “Kandy rein it in”.  Again, get a new script writer Danni, and google Lubna Hussein.

Another couple of problems I specifically have with the show this year regard Jamie Archer being called the afro – he has an afro so obviously doesn’t have a name.  Likewise, John and Edward Grimes are twins so again don’t have names, but are the twins or Jedward.  Horrible.

Anyways, I need to go take off my stinky pj’s and dig out some skimping clothing to wear in support of Kandy Rein’s appearance tonight on the X Factor results show.  I doubt they will stay on the show long enough into the winter for me to have to risk frostbite doing this every week 🙂

I dare you to not to smile at this audition video – it’s all about the performance!

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  1. polly styrene permalink
    October 11, 2009 18:21

    Isn’t Cheryl Cole in Girls Aloud? And don’t they wear such clothing on stage? Or did I dream that?

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