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JSP is spot on

October 4, 2009

As much as Sarah, Michelle and Sam are cast in the new role of modern mum and superwife – the new renaissance woman – it is important to remember that actually very little has changed. Powerful men still have affairs with blonde young women. For all the talk of family values, there is a deep hypocrisy at work here. Men are happiest when women know their place – and that’s one step behind them. Or undressed and available

Elsewhere, in SJP world ‘Matthew is at home with the children, putting his career as a director on hold’, because Sarah Jessica Parker is busy working on her little films. Bad SJP!  Never seen it written the other way round though – the mother was having a career break to bring up her own kids.  I hadn’t actually realised that Broderick had done anything since the wonderful Feris Bueller’s Day Off, but checking his wiki page revealed that he hadn’t done anything I had shown enough interest in to watch, except for the truly dreadful Stepford Wives remake.

Can’t think of anyone else with initials for a name so gonna go to bed with Marie-Claire.

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