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The good, the bad, the other petition and the Twitter hashtag

October 1, 2009

The good, speaking out against Roman Polanski and the sick petition (including Kirstie Alley, Eve Ensler, Lisa Kudrow and Neil Gaiman.  And Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California).

And Roseanne Barr:

Polanski to prison for at least ten years!

Let’s also jail anyone who defends his indefensible crime: pedophilia! I am so happy that he has been arrested, and I hope moral people everywhere (there are few in Hollywood) will demand that all lawbreakers who rape children will not escape justice because they are rich and famous, or talented, or have experienced tragedy in their lives.

The bad, and downright ugly at signing the petition in support of Roman Polanski’s “immediate release” (including Penelope Cruz, Kristin Scott Thomas, Natalie Portman and Sam Mendes).

The Twitter hashtag:  #artdoesnotexcuserape. Polanski needs 2 b prosecuted. Please RT

The other petition: Art Does Not Excuse Rape: Polanski Must Face Justice

Note:  I will be updating this post where appropriate.

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