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I’m liking Kanye West

September 16, 2009

There is tons of stuff on the internet about Kanye West speaking his mind at the MTV Awards.  Obviously he has now had to apologise because free speech is not tolerated – it shocks people.  Nobody wants to be shaken from their cosy armchair and think WHY.  Why might he have gotten up on stage and said what he did?  Blimey, the cheek of the guy – just shut up and stop disturbing folks!  Shame on him having educated parents who obviously raised him to speak his mind.

I missed Kanye West’s comments about Hurricane Katrina and George Bush – seems like it caused a bit of a fuss, but I love it!


Ann Powers had a think about the Why’s:

But let’s consider what might have motivated West’s outburst. Swift was the bestselling artist of 2008, according to Nielsen SoundScan. She’s transcended her base in country music to become a top 40 juggernaut and, arguably, the current face of young female America. Beyoncé is a slightly older superstar who’s also topped plenty of sales lists; like Swift, she makes chart-toppers strongly rooted in a specific genre that appeal to a wider audience. Her home base is R&B, and, through her marriage to Jay-Z and her brilliant singing style, she’s strongly connected to hip-hop.

Perhaps West, who later apologized, felt that Swift’s little love story mirroring the current plot of the new prime-time hit “Glee” genuinely wasn’t as deserving as Beyoncé’s Bob Fosse-inspired volcanic eruption of a dance routine, which has inspired thousands of tributes by fans, including Justin Timberlake and Barack Obama. Maybe he was miffed that this young black pop queen’s heels were being nipped at by a blond Ivory Girl whose fans tend to look quite a bit like her.

Is that reading too much into the situation? It’s been a banner week for widely broadcast outbursts, from Congressman Joe Wilson hectoring Obama during his healthcare speech to Serena Williams seriously losing her cool at the U.S. Open to this latest kerfuffle, and in every case, racial conflict has been an undercurrent. Beyoncé and Swift, quick to join hands and squelch any rumors of a feud, stood up for pop as a crossover art in which artists of all kinds can celebrate each other, but the tensions hinted at in this silly conflict are real, and relevant within America right now.

Plenty of naked ugly racism directed at West all over the internet as well if that’s your thing.  Wonder WHY he is an angry man?

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  1. September 17, 2009 01:58

    Comment 1 from: dick fitzwell:

    “I really do not no where to start, first and foremost,if it was a white artist that jumped up there and took the mic and said something like that,they would immediately be labeled a racist, if it was a black artist they dissed that is, Kanye West is a dumbass plain and simple,because he only said that because she (Beyonce)is black..Because she ain’t sellin more”

  2. September 17, 2009 01:59

    Comment 2 from: dick fitzwell:

    “If you have the balls to post this I would be amazed!!!”

  3. September 17, 2009 10:05

    I’m liking…the colour scheme of your blog.

    Sometimes I write using my mothers maiden name, Jardine

    Whose tartan is this

    In the actual material the blue is very muted as the weave blends it in, leaving just..

    But you’d have to see the kilt to appreciate

    PS What Kanye West said about Katrina was spot on, I thought the handling of the hurricane incident went beyond a disgrace.

  4. September 17, 2009 12:19

    Thanks for the links and the like.

    I have to say, I have absolutely no interest in nationalism of any kind – I see it is as an excuse for subjugation and murder.

    • September 17, 2009 13:26

      Have a read of The Lion Rampant again. Just the last few paragraphs. There is a cryptic warning that the global economy was about to crash. Check the date of publication. 3 days before it actually did.

      It was a spoof, a little bit of fun in a high level economics journal at the Scottish Governments expense. Fun but completely accurate.

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