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Lubna Hussein Trial – 07 September 2009 – The Verdict

September 7, 2009

lubna-hussein 1Verdict:  Guilty of Indecency for wearing trousers.

Sentence:  A fine or prison if the fine is not paid.  Lubna Hussein has said she will appeal,  go to jail and not pay the fine. 

I won’t pay, as a matter of principle,” she said. “I would spend a month in jail. It is a chance to explore the conditions of jail.”

The Guardian reports on the beatings and abuse of demonstrators outside the court  and the verdict.  Interestingly they have changed their wording from flogging to whipping. 

The NYT also reports from Sudan, as does Anne of Carversville who is in contact with those involved with the campaign to repeal Article 152 of Sudan’s penal code.

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