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Darfur Destroyed: Sudan’s Perpetrators Break Silence

September 7, 2009

From Aegis.

Defectors from the Sudanese regime explain their role in the Sudanese Government’s planning and execution of mass atrocities in Darfur, implicating members of the regime at the highest level.

From the Aegis Blog:

Sudan’s wars are not over yet

04 Sept 09 – by James Smith, Director, Aegis Trust

If the war is over in Darfur it begs the question why 2.5 million displaced people stay put in the camps.   

As the military commander of the UN force in Darfur (UNAMID) leaves his post, see  <> the up-beat analysis that the six-year conflict in Darfur is over raises some questions.

General Agwai is right that the key security issue in Darfur is no longer massive brutal attacks on African villages but is now low-level banditry.  That is because the Government of Sudan ceased to support atrocity operations on the scale it did between 2003-6.  But why did the Darfur crisis enter this different phase?  Some of it might be on account of UNAMID’s presence, to give General Agwai some credit.  The leadership of the atrocity campaigns were also rattled when the UN Security Council referred the situation in Darfur to the International Criminal Court, leading to the indictment of a Government Minister, an Arab Janjaweed leader and eventually the President of Sudan and leader of the National Islamic Front (NIF), Omar al-Bashir.   

But the key reason for the change of level of violence is that after 2.5 million people had been displaced into camps, both inside and outside Sudan’s borders, the status quo suited the NIF.  Ethnic cleansing has already taken place in Darfur.  They are content to keep it that way.  More

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