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The Plinth

September 4, 2009

Mr Holwell posed naked for an hour on the plinth as part of the One & Other exhibition by artist Antony Gormley. Participants were chosen at random and told they could do anything on the plinth as long as it was legal.

Mr Holwell, who works in a double-glazing factory, has defended his actions saying: “It’s the human form, everyone’s the same, it’s not like I’m showing off something that no one else has got.”

I haven’t got a penis!  I don’t have anything against them at the right time and place, but women don’t tend to have penises so I can’t help but think that Justin Holwell lives in Justin land where he is surrounded by Justins and wouldn’t understand that I don’t think Trafalgar Square in the middle of the day, is the appropriate place for me or my children to see a penis. 

I don’t want see penises in my day to day toings and froings for fucks sake!  And just to be fair, I like vaginas, I love my own, but neither do I wish to come across unexpected vaginas either.

Interesting discussion about nakedness though.  Angela Shelton showed pretty well that naturist parks are pedophile paradises,

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