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True Blue

September 3, 2009

Boris Elle magazineY’know Boris Johnson, the  Conservative Mayor of London, the one who thinks so highly of Rape Crisis Centres and planning laws and has ‘taken over the met’?

Well, Elle magazine have chosen to feature him on the cover of their promotional issue to celebrate London Fashion Week.  The newstand issue will feature Lily Allen on the cover.  But, the editor’s letter, written by the odious Boris, will be printed both in the promotional and newstand issues, and will be available to buy tomorrow.  Bet it will be real woman friendly, just like fashion is generally.  I have my coat on already…

The Guardian doesn’t seem to have an opinion on this revulsion, and The Times believes The Clash quote that silhouettes the odious Boris, is in honour of London?!?!?  Do you think somone somewhere doesn’t quite understand ‘London Calling’!

Another media savy tory, shows his true colours in The Sunday Times with this article Idle young should be entitled to nothing .


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