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Women and recession

August 21, 2009

Google “women, recession” and you will find a whole heap of rubbish about how women go mad spending on handbags and lipsticks to make them happier during a recession.  Mainly, it seems, because women don’t value money and get their happiness from more mundane things like family and friends.

Thinking women don’t value money would seem sensible when looking at the types of paid employment women are allowed to undertake and the effects of the glass ceiling, and also the different levels of pay depending on gender.

BUT if you filter out the crap then it is clear that “women, recession” actually means:

Poverty – especially in lone parent families where low wages mean there is no way of saving therefore no safety net in hard(er) times.

Domestic Violence & Rape – reported rape and domestic violence incidents started to increase in 2008 and are still on the up. 

– Service Cuts – such as Rape Crisis Centres, and other essential services used by women which are not worthy of permanent funding sources and are generally supported by charitable means.

Eve Ensler has written about the disgusting 100% cut in the domestic violence budget of California, and how this is likely to spread to other states.  Perhaps Arnie could have a little laugh about this with Boris?

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