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Guantánamo Justice Centre

August 11, 2009

It’s not often that we see the words Guantánamo and Justice used together in a positive way, this may even be the first time!

On Thursday, at the Frontline Club in London, former Guantánamo prisoners Sami al-Haj, Binyam Mohamed, Jamil El-Banna, Omar Deghayes and Moazzam Begg spoke at the launch of the Guantánamo Justice Centre, a non-profit organization, based in Geneva, with an office in London and others to follow in other countries. The GLC has been established by a number of former prisoners “to seek positive and peaceful resolutions to the plight of those who remain in the notorious Cuban prison, as well as other secret prisons around the world,” and it describes its goals as follows:

•To help coordinate assistance to prisoners who remain beyond the rule of law, who are often subjected to torture and abuse;

•To assist former prisoners reintegrate into society in a positive and peaceable manner, many of them in countries with limited available resources, and with governments hostile to human rights;

•To assist the family members of those being held.

Please press here for the rest of this article and further details of the years of illegal imprisonment and torture of these four innocent men, and many others.

Moazzam Begg,
held hostage for three years in Bagram then Guantánamo, with no legal representation and released with no charge ever having been made.

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