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Boris lost his shed

August 9, 2009

The loathsome Boris Johnson was asked to take down the expensive shed he erected on the balcony of his expensive Islington home.  Seems Boris thinks he is above planning rules.  What a shame! 

The offending shed.

The offending shed.


How could Boris have ever of thought people wouldn’t complain!  But this is a man who lied to London about funding Rape Crisis Centres to get his filthy paws on the Mayoral seat, and also thought people wouldn’t notice.  More here on the shed and here on the lies. 

Rape Crisis Centres have disappeared  from vast areas of the UK and the centres that are left are seriously underfunded and under continued threat of closure.   Rape Crisis Scotland has secured funding from the Scottish Government until 2011 for it’s one centre in Aberdeen.  Northern Ireland has one centre in Belfast which is hanging on by its teeth.  Wales also has one centre in Caernarfon which is also threatened with closure.  Womensgrid have more information about the short-term patchwork funding available to Rape Crisis.

New Labour; Shower of Shit stand shoulder to shoulder with Boris and rapists.

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  1. polly permalink
    August 10, 2009 21:08

    Tee hee…..


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