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Sudanese authorities doing all they can not to try Lubna Hussein

August 4, 2009

The trial against Lubna Hussein and two un-named women for wearing trousers has been suspended until 7 September 2009.   The authorities are trying to avoid the embarrassment of this trial altogether by trying to ‘clarify’ rules to make her exempt from trial because of immunity due to her UN  employment at the time of arrest.  Could this be because Sudanese authorities know beating and fining women for wearing trousers is inhumane? 

I would have expected a massive amount of publicity for Lubna Hussein supporting her in this incredibly brave protest against an inhumane law, but then where would be the profit in that?

Women are controlled by their clothing all over the world. Raped? You shouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt, had any skin on show – we men can’t control ourselves so you must cover yourselves to control us instead!

Tear gas was used to disperse the women demonstrating outside the court today in Khartoum.  Because it is obviously easier to control women in Khartoum than do anything to stop the campaign of rape and violence against women being waged in Darfur.

"Before police caught me, there are maybe 20,000 girls and women getting flogged for dress reasons," she said.

"Before police caught me, there are maybe 20,000 girls and women getting flogged for dress reasons," she said.

I have been unable to find the names of the two other women who are also waiting for trial with Lubna Hussein as none of the few sources of information on this case has bothered to report their names.

Anne of Carversville writes about Lubna Hussein with many interesting links.

Anne also writes about Amal Hubbani, a Sudanese journalist who has been arrested for writing an article about the reasons for Lubna Hussein’s arrest.

In 20/07/09 The General discipline police authority in Sudan filed a complain against the young female Sudanese reporter Amal Habbani, editor of the column “Tiny Issues” in Ajrass Al Horreya (Freedom Bells) paper after Amal wrote an article on 12/7/2009 supporting her colleague Lubna Al Hussein.

Amal was questioned by the press and publication prosecution on 20/7/2009. The complain is based on the article #159 of the criminal law regarding defaming. The general discipline police authority claimed a compensation of 10 million Sudanese pounds amounting to $400,000 to paid by the reporter,Amal.

Amal wrote an article titled “ Lubna…A Case Of Subduing Woman’s Body”, in which she asserted that Lubna’s case is not at all about dressing up style , but rather a political one to intimidate and terrorize opponents with the general discipline law, most oppressive to women.

I shall try to find the article and publish it here

More updates at Sudan Watch

Lubna Hussein has a Facebook page, and there are several groups in support of her.

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  1. August 5, 2009 04:25

    Will return tomorrow to read more of your blog. Just lost my comment!!! Thanks so much. The entire Lubna case got a lot of exposure today, but we’re digging much deeper here, trying to generate longer-term interest in the millions of quiet Lubnas out there. You’re right about the other two women. That question has been on my mind, too. I’ll ask tomorrow. Anne


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