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Mum’s the World

August 1, 2009

Just listening to the Mum’s the World on the World Service. Give it a listen here

It’s estimated that over 350,000 babies are born every day.
That’s about four new lives every second.

The United Nations predicts that by the year 2050, the global population will peak at around 9.2 billion people. The United States Census Bureau estimates there are around 6.8 billion people living on the planet at the moment.

And yet, childbirth in many countries is still not safe. A UNICEF report, released in January 2009, revealed that half a million women worldwide die each year from complications during pregnancy or birth.

In developed countries, the risk of death is lower – but families may have other fears, such as the amount of strain a new baby may put on the family finances.

And no matter where you are in the world, there’s something special about the start of a new life.

Behind every birth statistic is a real human story. For ‘Mum’s the World’, Outlook is meeting five mothers. They all live very different lives – but are all expecting babies to be born during the summer of 2009.

Stories from:
Lara Marcuse – USA
Lu Yun – China
Sarah Muthoni Ngugi – Kenya
Naomi Regan – UK
Marjeena Begum – India

And I did not know this! UNICEF’s report published found that 99% of maternal deaths occur in the developing world. That’s 99% of maternal deaths!

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