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More reasons for Avon Cosmetics ‘The company for women by women’ to reveal the source of the gold used in their products

July 25, 2009

I have been reading a lot about the effects of war in the Congo, which seems to be primarily caused by big business intent on reaping the mineral resources from the country.

Avon Cosmetics won’t reveal the source of the gold used in their products, but you can read in the links below the effects of mining and war on the women of the Congo.

If you wish to email Andrea Jung, CEO for Avon Cosmetics to inquire where they source their mysterious gold for use in face creams and lipsticks then her address is:

‘The women asked me what they had done to deserve such suffering’ After surviving the Rwandan genocide and fleeing to the UK, nurse and former model Leah Chishugi felt compelled to return to her native Congo to help the forgotten victims of the region’s conflict – many of whom have endured unspeakable horrors

The inhumanity of men Virtually all the violence in the Congo is being inflicted by men on women: why, and how can it be stopped?

The Greatest Silence Rape in the Congo

V-Day Stop raping our greatest resource & The V-Wall for Congo

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