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New Labour; Shower of Shit set to harrass parents at the school gate

July 22, 2009

DWP Press Release

20 July 2009 – School gate help for working mums

Extra help to mums who lose their jobs in the recession was announced today in a move to help end child poverty.
Ministers are concerned to make sure parents who lose part time work as a result of the global credit crunch also get the help they need to get back into work. Many parents whose partners are still in work are not taking up the support that is available at Jobcentre Plus including advice, free training or help to start up their own business.

Because obviously bringing up children is not work.  Especially if you are a single parent, ‘work’ then only means paid employment ignoring the fact that a single parent is doing two parent’s work.  Childcare is only counted as ‘work’ if it is somebody else doing it in a nursery which is essential as single parents can’t be trusted to bring up their own chidren.  And it is reassuring to know it is a’ global credit crunch’ again – not a global recession/depression.

Yet second earners income can be vital for the family to help pay the mortgage or keep children out of poverty. The Government is therefore announcing a £10m package of community based support, available in settings that families are aware of and feel comfortable in.

Why? It is disgusting that the situation today has been engineered so that one person’s income can’t support their family.  And this ‘vital income’ doesn’t count if you are a single parent anyways for NL;SoS – one income is fine then. 

This support will be provided in settings, such as local schools which mothers use as part of their daily lives.

Or Fathers, Grandparents etc. etc. doing the school runs.  NL can be oh so ‘traditional’ when they want to. Why not produce a scroungers sticker to put on the kids of said scroungers as well? Who is going to pay for the CRB checks that all adults now apparently need to enter schools?

The £10m pilot scheme will target the 25 most deprived local authorities. The schemes will provide employment support at local schools, bring work trials and childcare support into the community and provide a package of support for parents who want to be become self-employed. Helping parents back into work is important and has a profound effect on child poverty.

Ooh goody – can we have UV vests as well to show how disgusting we are that we don’t have paid employment? How about starting your own business in a time of global recession/depression ‘credit crunch’ – what a fabulous idea, sure to succeed and not get into debt at all. New Labour; Shower of Shit, we don’t want your version of ‘help’.

The Government also want to make sure that mums who have taken a break to raise their families get the support they need to get back to work once their children are older.

Naughty naughty! Get back to PAID work immediately and contribute to the GDP – raising a family doesn’t contribute in any way – a child can learn everything s/he needs in school/child care, just don’t look at the reports that show illiterate children leaving school or agression of pre-school children being kindled in these settings.

Speaking at the second reading of the Child Poverty Bill, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Yvette Cooper said;

“Every child should get a fair start in life, every child should have the chance to get on, to develop their potential, to chase their dreams. We believe in equality of opportunity for children as they grow. Children get left behind for years to come if their family gets left behind today.

“Over a hundred thousand children could be lifted out of poverty if more second parents were able to work as their children get older. That is why it is so important to provide the help and support for parents who lose their jobs too.”

Bollocks is it about lifting children out of poverty – there are many more effective ways such as that old fashioned notion of social housing and other antiquated notions.

Today’s announcement comes in addition to the £5 billion investment behind the current help available – especially to people out of work for more than 6 months – such as training, work trials and experience, support to become self employed or £1,000 voucher to employers.

Ooh look at that – £1 k to employers – way to go NL;SoS. So employers get cheap employees for a short period of time and then the ‘worker’ is laid off and has to negotiate her/his way back into the benefit system, with (in my area) at least 4 month until HB is paid. Nice one! Oh and to do that one hour conversation on the phone again with Jobcentre Plus – almost makes me rush out to get a nice temporary contract…

Today is the second reading of the Child Poverty Bill. The Bill establishes a duty to eradicate child poverty by 2020, and ensure future governments to stick to that commitment.

Might want to come up with some actual policies then that have a chance in hell of helping ‘eradicate child poverty by 2020’.

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Out of hours: 07659 108 883

Why not install booths on the doors of all maternity units – or in the delivery rooms? There could be instructional videos about how not to be a scrounger playing as women labour. That will save waiting until children are school-age before harassing parents as to what they should be doing to help NL;SoS.

One idea might be to support parents, especially single parents, to bring their own children up with enough money to get by and not be driven to massive levels of stress and depression in both parents and children. Would that not help the GDP in the long run?

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  1. July 22, 2009 22:30

    What this says between the lines is they remain against welfare and redistribute means to tackle poverty their entire neoliberal orthodoxy is simply- work hard to lift yourself out of poverty (the implication being poverty is your fault you lazy proles) , well Victorians said that and hey, that worked. That Dickens, bloody commie malcontent!

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