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Lunatic Lance

July 20, 2009

A recept piece from the Guardian by Lance Price entitled:

An all-women government, please – I’m not joking. The entire cabinet should resign and be replaced by women – then the Labour party will have a fair chance

What is he on???????????  An all female cabinet would be just as unpalatable as an all male cabinet, oh hold on – that’s almost what we have at the moment!  New Labour are a shower of shit and it would be lovely if the entire cabinet were to resign and be replaced by PEOPLE who actually don’t live in ivory towers and have a vision of an equitable and fair society.

Perhaps Lance should read this interview with Jane Fonda where she states:

You can talk about equal rights, and you can talk about – but essentially feminism will come into wholeness when we achieve a social paradigm that allows men and women to become full human beings. Rather than women muting themselves and men hardening themselves, which I think it the root of all the problems – including war.

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